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That when I'm going absolutely fucking crazy, it's because of lack to creative output.

At Rose I doodle and draw all the time, but here I haven't.
So...I started this journal back up again. To keep me from getting TOO stressed. I think it's already working.

I miss Rose. I belong there. It's so so so perfect for me, and I love the people there, and I absolutely adore the atmosphere. It's so chill and inviting. (: 

...The spacebar on my laptop is all stuck-ish. :( I don't know how that happened, I wonder if IAIT can/will fix it...

Initiation into Delta Delta Delta is in just a few weeks! :D I am so so so excited!

OK, feel better now.


Like, majorly. I was a damn baby throughout, made all the wrong friends and have none of them left now.

I am so so happy to be at college. Everyone at Rose knows and loves the grownup me, and my stupid past mistakes don't matter.

But damn, is Alaska ever lonely now.

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A place to spill my most innermost, juicy thoughts. Sweet.

Or, it would be, if everyone didn't know who this is.


Oh well. Haha.

Nothing to write.

I'm boring.

I'm always busy, even in the summer.

Which EVERYONE knows sucks.

I'm going to spend the rest of my life with my best friend. =)

He's pretty amazing.

Right now I'm a real floater, not really close to anyone else.

Which I'm actually really fine with.

I can't wait to escape Alaska.

Class of '09! That escape's coming soon. =)

I like smileys with equal signs for eyes, but not brackets for mouths.

And....I'm going to end this post right here.

Hope you enjoyed it!